Horseshoe Bend United Methodist Church
Thursday, March 21, 2019
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors


Horseshoe Bend United Methodist Church has always been extremely mission oriented -- from local to global.
The following are just a few of the mission programs we hold close to our hearts:
  •  Each year, we collect school supplies for our local elementry school.  It is our goal to see that every child starts off the year with the all the supplies needed.
  •  The 4th Sunday of each month is designated as Food Sunday.  We collect canned and packaged food items for our local food pantry.
  • Ingathering is a very important mission for us.  It is amazing how many flood buckets, a small church such as ours can fill.
  • Each Thanksgiving we host a Thanksgiving Dinner that is open to the entire community.
  • This year we collected tee-shirts and towels for a local Peace Corp Volunteer.  These items were much needed in her mission in Africa.
  • We have a clothing drive in the spring and again in the fall of the year.  All items are donated to Norfork Community Care Program.
  • At Christmas we work with other local churches to provide food baskets for the area needy.
  • Annually, we financially support:
           *  Johnny Stephens
           *  Governor A. Mays
           *  Izard County Senior Citizen Center
           *  Salem Senior Citizen Center
           *  Norfork Community Care Program
           *  Mount Eagle Christian Center